We study the performance advantages provided by structuring hierarchical functional materials. To this end, we develop methods to synthesize rationally-engineered materials for optical and electrochemical applications. We also devise simulations and charaterization techniques for in-operando characterization and optimization of these materials.

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Recent News

  • September 2019 - We are part of a team that was awarded an NSF grant to study the topologies of energy landscapes in chemical systems. Congrats to Aurora and the rest of this great team of mathematicians, theoretical chemists, and experimentalists!
  • Announcement: New UARK CHEM Grad students - we are hiring! Please get in touch with Rob to learn more about current projects and opportunities.
  • August 2019 - We received a 2019 Department of Energy Early Career Award!
  • July 2019 - We than the Connor Family and Fulbright College for selecting us for the Robert C. and Sandra Connor Endowed Faculty Fellowship Award!
  • July 2019 - Good luck to Brayley as she leaves Arkansas to start Graduate School in Chemistry at Northwestern!